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“There are so many hills to climb upwards. I often am longing for rest. But He who appoints me my pathway knows just what is needed and best.” These lines have always motivated me whenever I have faced many challenges in life . I feel a sense of great pride and a certain fulfillment when I see how the School has grown and attained an identity of its own. Academics of course, as is the tradition has always been of the utmost importance yet co-curricular activities and program that sharpen the mind and mould the personality have never lagged behind. Today, I can proudly, say that my students have emerged ‘Winners’ in every sense of the word. The students are the reflection of the school and if my students shine” B.B.D. Public School too shines like a star”. I absolutely agree with John Adams, who says, “Courage and perseverance has a magical power, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish in air”. Our School is a happy place, a happening place — full of joy, enthusiasm and positive energy. We are proud that we have  overcome all obstacles and worked hard to keep up the traditions of our School.

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B.B.D. Public School

“Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time; Action with vision is making a positive difference; It is our endeavor to give the school the best that we can give and we want the children to enjoy every minute of their being here in this environment. Study hard, play well and let your personality bloom, keep striving, your efforts will not go in vain. Children are the future and the pillars of society and the country. I expect that the team of B.B.D. Public School will endeavor to bring out the best of the qualities in our children. I wish the School the entire very well in the years to come.

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B.B.D. Public School

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